Inviting interiors for living

Dorothy Zalewski's design philosophy Philosophy

In many cultures, the fan-shaped leaf of the Gingko tree represents longevity.

Dorothy’s mother's family has a saying: "Take your time to do things well. If you do this, you can gaze upon your work for a thousand years and be satisfied." Dorothy has remembered this "proverb," and it drives her to do quality work that lasts.

She recognizes that great design incorporates many different elements and principles, but the ultimate goal is harmony. Dorothy seeks to bring all aspects of her work into one cohesive whole—including her relationship with her clients.

Known for her personable nature, she connects with clients quickly and loves to help them find "their style". Clients who work with Dorothy will find that she spends time getting to know them. Her goal is to craft a design that reflects each individual family –not only their personalities, but also the daily realities of their lives. Dorothy listens, asks questions, and in the end, achieves inviting interiors for living. It is the greatest compliment when she hears clients say not only do they love to spend time in their new space, but it has also shaped the way they live.

At the heart of Design Harmony is the belief your home should not only integrate all the elements of design, but also the elements of your real life. Design Harmony brings it all together to create a design that, like the Gingko leaf, brings health and longevity to your home.